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Have questions about how to write a perfect Sop? What is the process of writing your admission essays? How we help students in preparing the SOP, LOR or Admission Essays? We have tried to answer the most common queries we usually get from the students. Please feel free to ask more questions through calls or emails.

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What should be the ideal word count / length of the SOP?
The first thing you should check before writing the SOP is whether the university provides any guideline for the SOP or not. Generally, they mention about their requirements and also the word count. However, as per standards a General SOP should be around 700-1000 words which can be adjusted in 2 pages. In case, you are writing a Visa SOP, the length could go to 3-4 pages making the word count up to 2000 words.
Should I do the SOP by myself or Should I consider taking assistance from a Professional?
Statement of Purpose is a goal / vision document which relates all your previous works and achievements with your future goals and make a point that you are the good candidate for the admission. Therefore, it’s important that you prepare it by yourself. However, some people do not possess the innate ability to write smoothly. If you have the same problem, then you must take the help of professional as they will understand your profile and create a good story out of it.
In a Good SOP, what are the elements that must be incorporated?
A good Statement of Purpose must start with the inspiration due to which you got interested about the program in the first place. Then go on to mention your academic achievements along with your professional background (if you have any) then create a link to the course which you are applying for. After this, you can mention your future goals, extra-curricular activities and your vision which you are dedicated to accomplish. You must have good reasons for choosing the particular university and the particular country as well. In the end, write about the contributions that you would like make in the campus when get selected. At any point of time you are not convinced about your writing skills then you can take help from SOP Writing Services in India.
In the admission process, how much importance does an SOP has?
Well, an SOP holds immense importance in the admission process. The seriousness of this document can be understood from the fact that even when you have impressive academic achievements and excellent professional document, you can get rejected if you submit a poorly written SOP. People applying for Visa also are also not careful while submitting Visa Sop and as a result their visa get Rejected. However, some people hire Visa SOP writers and get visa ion the first go.
Is it possible to draft one SOP and use it to apply in various universities?
Basically, the SOP is written by keeping the course or program in centre. A good SOP connects the student’s previous achievements with his future ambitions and goals in accordance to the course he is applying for. So, if your courses are different then you will be needing different SOP for each university. However, if you are applying for same course in all the universities, then you can change few lines where you have written about the university and same thing goes for country.
What traits should be reflected by my SOP?
The SOP is the one who is doing the talking to the admission committee while you are not there. So, your SOP must reflect your proficiency in that particular field along with your goals and visions. It should tell them that you are the right candidate for the program and it will injustice to your talents if you are not given an opportunity to study in their campus.

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